Greater Than Ever

helping hand

Yukon Mobile Meals takes the cake for being Greater Than Ever.  Our volunteers and staff, working daily to provide meals in spite of the pandemic panic are Greater Than Ever.  They come in each day, put on their gloves and masks and get to work.  Though, as a food service for seniors, our dedication to healthy, safe, and sanitary food has always been a priority, we’ve tried to up our game even more to ensure the peace of mind of our recipients and their families.  We’re Greater Than Ever.

Right now, while governments are shutting down opportunities to be with others, to hug, to touch, or even to shake a hand, the need for love is Greater Than Ever.  We all need ways to reach out and connect.  Yukon Mobile Meals is one of Yukon’s best outlets to do just that.  We take a meal and a smile right to the door of our recipients.  We let them know someone on the outside is still thinking of them and praying for their continued good health and nutrition.

The number of people in need of our services has increased with the urge for social distancing.  Our routes are Greater Than Ever.  Essential workers have signed up their parents and neighbors to make sure they get a nutritious meal in a time when so many outlets are closed.  Seniors who were previously self-reliant are urged to stay away from stores and restaurants.  Yukon Mobile Meals has become their best option for a filling lunch.

In this time of increased need, we are faced with increased costs as we strive to serve so many more.  Our wonderful Bingo Night fundraisers have been put on hold, but our financial burden is Greater Than Ever.  Luckily, our supporters are also Greater Than Ever.  Most recently, the Cowboy Church made a large financial donation to our program.  Along with many other donors, we’ve been able to stay solvent through this time.  Anyone who wants to be a part of this great program is urged to donate what they can, either by sending a check or donating via PayPal at .  Thank you to all those who support financially, through volunteer efforts and through prayer.  You are Greater Than Ever!