Mobile Meals Soldiers On!

In spite of the fears surrounding the new virus outbreak, Yukon Mobile Meals understands that we have an important place within our community.  Knowing this, we will continue to deliver meals to our recipients Monday – Friday.

We are grateful to have the support of a great City and community.  Though most of our volunteers are still planning to run their regular delivery routes, City of Yukon Employees have been made available to pick up any slack we might have.  A special thanks goes out to Jim Crosby, City Manager, and Jan Scott, Parks and Recreation Director, for their continued support.

Should someone new wish to sign up for our program, there is an opportunity to do so.  Recipients must live within the Yukon City Limits and understand that we cannot make concessions for special diets.  Please submit the application from our website.  We are limited in the number of people we serve, however, potential volunteers are always welcome to join our team and help us extend our reach throughout Yukon.  Feel free to call our office in the morning, 405.350.5900.